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 The Concept of this Site aims to regulate the Trading of Wedgie Videos + Supporting the Economy on the Stores.

We try to encourage or persuade our Users to buy more Videos from the Wedgie Stores. For this target we offer a Win-Win Solution.


How does the Plan work?

1. User buys (new) Video from the Store

- His Motivation: He earns Trade Points on this Platform (for "free").

2. On this Platform he can use the Trade Points to buy older Videos, on which the purchasing power decreased in the Store, so the Store won't lose potentional Customers.

- The Trick of the Concept: We use the Fact that Digital Products can be cloned to the Advantage to both Sides: Consumer and Store Owner

3. Everything is transparent and regulated


Another Advantage for the Store Owners:
Customers are able to buy now Videos without a Credit Card (many People dont have a Credit Card). Users can buy Trade Points with Paypal, Credit Card or Bitcoins. With the Income we can buy the desired Video. So we offer also an Exchange Services. (Currently in Beta Phase) (Will be done transparently.)

With this Concept the Stores win more Customers and maximizes its Profit
(We are working on more Plans and Methods to support the Stores)

Furthermore: Its better that this transparent and regulating system is used for trading videos than trading privately via E-Mails without any regulation.
Regulation means: Everyone has to contribute/invest to receive something back

The Store Owners got the right to complain about this, if they notice they lost money with this plan.
We respect their rights and we will maybe remove the Downloadlink on which they lost Customers (proof needed). (This Platform is legal. We could just ignore your Reports. All contents are external and we are not responsible for third party filehoster. Read this: Copyright (DMCA)

Please be kind to us. Dont waste your time and efforts to threat us, it would make it just worse for you and it wouldnt help you in any way - trust me.

Just be kind.
We also dont want to destroy your Business. We are ready to cooperate with you. (notice: "to cooperate" means not "to serve")

If you got suggestions and wishes please contact us.