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1. Option

Earn Trade Points with your submitted Videos.
The amount of Trade Points depends on the Video Quality and Video Length. Generally it will be more than 8 Trade Points, if the Quality is normal.
If its a good Quality with ~ 2-3 minutes, it could be up to 20 Trade Points (or eventually more).

We accept only female Wedgie Videos! (Gender has to be verifiable and the Girl has to be +18)


2. Option

Instead to earn Trade Points, we can help you to earn money with your own produced Videos or your Service.
We can promote your Videos on this Website or even create your own Website (if it has high potential).

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zackscottgames's Avatar
zackscottgames replied the topic: #71 6 years 3 months ago
So we can submit girl wedgie video from YouTube or we can make our own and it doesn't even have to be from clips4sale
admin's Avatar
admin replied the topic: #72 6 years 3 months ago
Videos from Youtube are NOT accepted.

I dont mean Cips4Sale Videos.
We accept now self-created videos. If I notice that somebody tries to cheat (using a Video that is not self-made), will be immediately banned.

Furthermore ONLY Girl/Female Wedgies are allowed. NO Male Wedgies!

Self-created Video means: You record a Video with your Camera a Girl Wedgie (of your Girlfriend, female Friend, etc. or yourself if you are a Girl).

Gender has to be verifiable in the Video (for example showing cleavage, face, etc.)

Everything else is not accepted.

Filehoster should be, but 4shared or similar are also allowed.
Girloftheyear's Avatar
Girloftheyear replied the topic: #85 6 years 3 months ago
Hi my name is Kayla I'm a wedgie mister just like my boyfriend and I loved wedgies since I was 5 years old